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Leadership development

What's your approach to leadership development?

I believe that leadership development should be practical, useful, and enjoyable. I'll use evidence from both research and practice to create a bespoke programme that suits your culture and context.

When we first discuss your leadership development needs, I'll have a lot of questions for you. I'll want to understand your organisational culture, what's going well, and what you're working to improve. We'll look at your organisational strategy, and your mission, vision and values to inform the course content. 


Ideally we'll use indicators such as staff feedback and metrics like turnover and sickness absence to inform our decision making. We'll develop a meaningful way of evaluating the programme so that we can track our progress.

I have experience of designing and delivering programmes for all levels, from people aiming for their first leadership positon, to senior leaders who are aspiring to Board positions.


How can I find out more?

The first step is to have an introductory chat. I'll listen carefully to your circumstances, and together we'll agree an approach that fits your needs and budget.

For more information, or to book a free, confidential, no obligation chat, contact me: 07983418742

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