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What is facilitation?

The word "facilitation" comes from the French facile - "easy". Facilitation is the process of making something possible, or easier. 

I provide a range of facilitation options to help teams to move forward in a positive way. Perhaps the team has recently been through a change and is struggling to find its feet, or maybe change is on the horizon and people have mixed feelings about it. As a neutral third party, I can ensure people's voices are heard and that potential solutions are stress-tested before a consensus is reached.

I am also an accredited and experienced action learning set facilitator, and I can help you to establish and grow self-sustaining peer learning groups, so that your people have a safe space to mull over their challenges and opportunities.

"Sarah is a gifted facilitator who is able to create a safe space for open and insightful discussions. Her coaching approach was a real asset as it allowed group members to reflect and come up with their own solutions to the challenges discussed in sessions."

How can I find out more?

The first step is to have an introductory chat. I'll listen carefully to your circumstances, and together we'll agree an approach that fits your needs and budget.

For more information, or to book a free, confidential, no obligation chat, contact me: 07983418742

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